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Jersey: Nike Tiempo Jersey
Offered in 8 colors. Only one jersey available at this price
Jersey: Gear Chevron Jersey
Offered in 30 colors. Over 25 styles of colors to choose from
Logos: 1 color
Basic design available at this price in one location.
Logos: Limitless
As many as you want in as many colors anywhere on the jersey.
Numbers: Front & Back
Offered in 8 colors.

Numbers: Front & Back
30 Base Colors. You get players numbers & player names.
Average Turn Time: 10 Days
Not always in stock.
Average Turn Time: 7 Days
Always in stock. ..Yes, fully customized in 7 days!
Total: $28.20Total: $24.95
*Prices shown are after team discount.

The leading big brand manufacturers offer great quality and performance, No question. However, Gear Team Apparel does this and much more. If the label on your jersey is not a concern. Gear becomes the obvious choice.

-The Soccer Factory