Scotland, The Tartan Beasts

Early History

Scotland is one of the oldest national football teams in the world. Dating back to 1872 they along with England competed the first official international football match on November 30th in Scotland. They continued to play against the “Home Nations” made up of England, Wales, and Ireland which eventually led to the establishment of “The British Home Championships” in 1883. Their early success in friendlies however did not pay off and Scotland had to wait until 1954 before competing in their first world cup.

Fun Facts

  • The Scottish National team holds the oldest trophy in soccer history. The Scottish Cup was crafted out of solid silver and won by Scotland in 1874.
Scottish Cup
  • They have qualified for a total of 8 world cups
  • Alongside England Scotland is recognized as the oldest official national football team. Being an original founder of the British Home Championships