France,Les Bleus

Early History

The France national team was officially founded in 1904, shortly before FIFA’s foundation in the same year (they had, however, participated in the 1900 Olympic Games and won a silver medal). They played their first official match against Belgium in Brussels, securing a 3-3 draw. The following year, they played their first home match at the famous Parc des Princes, defeating Switzerland in front of close to 500 fans. This was followed by a couple of heavy losses, including a memorable 0-15 defeat to England in 1906.

Early on in its history, France struggled with identity issues. Most of these issues were the product of a disagreement between FIFA and the USFSA, the main sports union in France. These disagreements came to a head just before the 1908 Olympics, resulting in FIFA and the USFSA sending two separate French teams to the competition. Both teams were eliminated by Denmark, with France A (controlled by FIFA) losing 1-17 and France B losing 0-9.

Later that year, the CFI (French Interfederal Committee) intervened by stating that FIFA would be responsible for the national team from that point onward. After failing to reach a satisfying agreement, the USFSA eventually disbanded, becoming semi-affiliated with the CFI in 1913. Six years later, the CFI transformed into the French Football Federation we have today. This newfound stability contributed to some promising showings, such as a 2-1 victory over England.

Fun Facts

  • France took part in the first ever World Cup in 1930. They scored the first ever world cup goal in their opening match against Mexico.
Lucien Laurent, scorer of the first ever world cup goal
  • France has won two world cups, tying them for 3rd most world cup wins. Once in 1998 and again in 2018
Mbappe holding world cup trophy in 2018
  • Just Fontaine has the most goals scored in a single world cup (13) done in 1958. A record that has yet to be broken.
Just Fontaine, World Cup 1958